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We believe that design is a service. It is a service that is based on a clear understanding, correct interpretation and timely provision of the product (building) that will ensure the best possible way to meet the needs of our clients. We focus on listening, discussion, searching for alternatives and creating new solutions while cooperating openly with our client. Our office has become known thanks to such values as:

Excellent performance

We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work. We provide the highest level of service for our customers. We are committed to creating sustainable values that would hold for the whole life of the building. Our solutions are rational, flexible, and use space effectively.


We are fully committed to the purpose of finding optimal and innovative solutions, both in terms of concept and details. In order to reduce energy consumption in our buildings, we use both proven traditional solutions and cutting-edge technology.


We always seek simplicity in the composition of our buildings. We improve the proportions of all visible elements. We believe that this gives our projects a timeless quality. We respect the needs of our users and try to give them the optimal amount of light, air, comfort and elegance, so they can live and work in the best possible conditions.

Design and project management in one hand

We achieve our goals by focusing on details. It is a process that begins with the participation of the office’s owners from the initial stage of every project. We have created a team of designers that supervises the project from scratch to implementation, ensuring that the client’s requirements and design assumptions are upheld in every aspect of the building. Our design skills are based on a sound project management technique.

Sustainable development

We are aware of the challenges of our time. We are a member of the Association of Green Building Professionals (Central & Eastern Europe).