The expansion of Pomeranian Science and Technology Park is completed

park technologiczny gdynia ppnt
The Pomeranian Science and Technology Park will now be able to accept another 300 companies, which corresponds to over 2000 jobs.

The Pomeranian Science and Technology Park has been established in 2001 as an initiative by the Pomeranian Technology Centre Association and the City of Gdynia, with the aim of supporting companies implementing innovative projects. The PSTP concentrates all activity stimulating economical development based on knowledge and cooperation between science and business in Pomerania.

– Here in the Park, we create favourable conditions for the development of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity, and for the activation of the local community. PSTP is the best place to search for new technological solutions and develop innovative companies, a place where advanced technology, products and services are made, where innovative R&D projects are implemented – said Michał Guć, vice-president of Gdynia, who is responsible e.g. for innovation.

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